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Convertible Car Rental in Turkey

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Using 1st Car Hire Direct to find convertible car rental in Turkey could not be easier. Using the search engine above you can search through a database of over 500 companies to find the best suitable deal for your needs when looking for a deal from Turkey.

Convertible car hire deals in Turkey, Turkey will be shown on the screen when you simply supply the relevant information. You will have a selection of makes and various models to choose from. We can offer a good choice of cabriolet car hire in Turkey. This can be arranged as pick up and drop off from the same location or as a one way rental, which you pick up or return to Turkey and drop it back to a different location. We cannot offer one way car hire cross country borders, but is fine within the same country.

When you find the deal you are happy with, proceed to book online so your Turkey car hire is reserved nothing is simpler. Using the secure system for filling in some important information regarding your visit to Turkey gives your piece of mind.

Any extras you are looking for such as GPS, pre paid tank of fuel, or extra insurance such as key cover can be found if the company you select offers such services.

You can pick up your convertible car rental from a range

Convertible Car Rental in Ireland

Friday, January 13th, 2012

We offer convertible car hire via our website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com in Ireland so when you have decided that you will travel to Ireland and want to get around as much as possible to see the scenery then you can pick up a car hire from Ireland. You will need to arrange this as soon as you have confirmed your flights to avoid disappointment.

The fantastic feel of driving a soft top car with the roof down is hard to beat, especially if you have the added benefit of the sun shining whilst enjoying beautiful views. Most modern soft top cars have automatic folding roofs or hoods as they are known. Many people use the opportunity of a car hire abroad to test out a soft top vehicle, as sometimes it is just not practical to use a convertible at home for everyday use.

There are various terms that people use for a soft top car, such as convertible car hire, cabriolet car hire or even rag top. If you do opt for a soft top car hire in Ireland we are sure you will enjoy the experience.

Our website can provide you with a quote and pick up from all of the major cities including Ireland. With stiff competitive in the car hire industry you will definitely be able to bag yourself a great price via our search engine www.1st-car-hire-spain.com Once you have found a great deal don’t delay in booking as it won’t be there for long.

Automatic cars are a very popular choice with our clients undoubtedly because they are so easy to drive and when abroad in Ireland. It may be best for some people to be able to concentrate more on the road rather than the car. Even if you drive a manual car at home you might want to try an automatic when you arrive in Ireland. Our agent at Ireland can offer automatic vehicles but due to there being a limited supply, if it’s an essential part of your holiday in Ireland its really important that you book early.

Diesel cars are very popular in Ireland for obvious reasons if you plan to travel extensively. Diesel in Ireland is cheaper than petrol and savings can be quite substantial if you are planning to cover a lot of miles during your stay.

So remember once you have booked and paid for your vehicle any changes you may wish to make later on can be done on line without any problem. Our site is very user friendly and we wish you a safe journey in Ireland.

Convertible Car Rental in Denmark

Friday, January 13th, 2012

If you are comfortable driving abroad then there is no better way than to explore Denmark than by convertible car. Many car hire companies will provide sat navs if required, to ensure you do not get lost. In Denmark you can pick up and return your rental car to a few different locations.
There are a couple of things you must take into consideration before finally booking your soft top car hire. The first being, will all your family and luggage fit into the car? Secondly you need to think whether the location you are travelling to will have the weather that is needed to enjoy a soft top car hire to the full?

If the answers to the above questions are yes there are some advantages of having a soft top. These include, a soft top is an extremely fun car to drive, all soft tops these days come with a retractable roof saving you time by not having to remove it yourself. Whilst driving a soft top car hire there is no blind spot what so ever and it is very easy to turn your head and check for other vehicles whilst changing lanes.

Convertible car hire in Denmark is a very popular choice so book in advance to avoid disappointment. Car hire may be booked for the duration of your holiday, or you can arrange car hire daily or just for the weekend. Extra equipment may be booked at the same time as you make your reservation, including baby seats and booster seats.

You can also include more than one driver on the terms and conditions of the rental, although please remember that all named drivers should take their driving licences with them, to show the local representative when you collect the car. The main named driver should also take a credit card with them, as the car hire company in Denmark will need to take a swipe of the card.

Convertible Car Rental in Bulgaria

Friday, January 13th, 2012

There are many car hire locations throughout Bulgaria so there are plenty of places to explore in your Convertible car hire. When hiring a convertible car in Bulgaria, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment as they are very popular, especially in high season. Whether you are hiring a convertible car for a week, a weekend or even just a day, make the most of having a soft top vehicle and enjoy having the roof down, giving you the best views of what Bulgaria has to offer, whilst getting a tan at the same time. Take in to consideration that convertible cars are only 2 door vehicles so it is probably not recommended for a family holiday as space is restricted.

In Bulgaria you can pick up and drop off your convertible car rental from Bulgaria in a range of different locations.
The price quoted on the search engine includes insurance all taxes with no extras to pay. Depending on your location, you may be driving on the right hand side of the road so please drive very carefully. Matters are not helped by poor road conditions in certain areas of Bulgaria. However there are a large number of motorways in Bulgaria with toll charges being imposed along the way.

Seatbelts are compulsory when driving in Bulgaria and as a minimum you will be fined for not wearing one. Please also remember to take your drivers licence with you as the local office, where you collect your vehicle from will ask to see it when you pick up your vehicle.

Depending on your requirement you may pick up your convertible car hire from one location and return it to a different location without paying any extra money. You should check the individual terms and conditions of your reservation from Bulgaria. Many people choose to hire soft top cars on holiday as it is a chance to treat themselves as it is not practical to use a soft top at home for everyday use, especially if it were to be used for a family car.