Car Rental Belgium

Convertible Car Rental in Belgium

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Convertibles cars are some of the most popular vehicles booked via our website Once you have decided that you are travelling to Belgium and you have identified your pick up point as Belgium you need to confirm your booking and pay by credit card on line. You will then be all set for your visit to Belgium. If you need to amend your booking at a later stage this is easily done by going back on line and retrieving your reservation.

Hiring a convertible car is very much dependent on your ultimate location as it may not be entirely suitable. Convertible car hire should be possible in most locations but may not be available in all. Once more, in this instance, it’s a case of pinpointing your location and finding out from our website out which companies operate from Belgium and can offer the more luxurious end of the market. If you don’t have a convertible car at home it may be a special treat to hire one whilst you are on your trip in Belgium. We can offer a good choice of cabriolet car hire in Belgium. This can be arranged as pick up and drop off from the same location or as a one way rental, which you pick up or return to Belgium and drop it back to a different location. We cannot offer one way car hire cross country borders, but is fine within the same country.

All drivers must be aged over 21 to rent a cabriolet car hire. Some car hire companies require that the drive is at least 23 or sometimes aged over 25. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of your rental before you confirm your online reservation.

It’s recommended that once you have found a convertible available for your dates of travel and destination that you book it there and then to avoid disappointment. In the case of a convertible car, you may pay more that many other vehicles but you know you are getting what you want.

When you arrive at Belgium please ensure you have your booking confirmation with you and your full driving licence. Unlimited mileage will be included in your booking in Belgium but if you are booking a more select, expensive car then please check there are no unusual age restrictions in place in respect of the insurance cover. You can purchase extra optional cover which you may wish to look into if your vehicle is considered in a higher risk category simply for peace of mind. The additional premium is usually quite reasonably priced for the extra cover provided.